Seeking Gifted Education Opportunities in Washington, DC?

Parents of academically gifted students generally realize children’s natural gifts need to be encouraged and nourished, but not all environments allow students to maximize their potential. All children, but especially younger children, need an opportunity to explore their interests in a setting designed to develop their potential.

Opportunities for Gifted Education in Washington DC include options like Feynman School (, a non-profit organization that promotes programs permitting students to actively explore areas they are most curious about. The philosophies of schools devoted to providing unique educational opportunities for pre-school through early elementary levels virtually all emphasize language and science skill building. Students are challenged to creatively solve problems using a variety of tools, but at the core is a belief that learning must be fun if students are to remain actively engaged.

Organizations promoting Gifted Education in Washington DC are well aware that students need individualized attention to learn, and that trained adults must be available to guide the learning process at each step. To ensure students receive the attention they need, top area gifted programs limit class sizes, making it possible for instructors to monitor and direct the students on their knowledge quests. Program leaders know hands-on programs encouraging exploration promote real learning, and they focus on designing learning opportunities that stress skill building and critical thinking opportunities.

As children progress, the challenges become more complex, with each new problem building on established skills. That progression is normal in all school settings, but educators working with gifted students recognize the unique challenges posed by these special students. They thrive on challenges and quickly become bored if there is no real challenge that can be experienced. Schools that base their classes strictly on text-based learning often bore gifted children, allowing them to rapidly lose interest and become distracted. The key is to make learning fun and interesting, focusing on activities that challenge students’ curiosity. In education, that is generally known as student centered learning rather than traditional teacher centered learning.

Gifted students pose special needs that are often unmet in more traditional educational settings. Specially trained educators, utilizing unique learning environments, are key to encouraging younger students to grow and evolve. Parents must seek out the best Gifted Education in Washington DC learning environment to meet the unique needs of their children.


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