Apr 23, 2014

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Seeking Advice From Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Chicago

When you go to the hospital or to see a doctor in the office, you expect to receive optimal care. You never dream in a million years that something is going to go wrong with a procedure or with a doctor’s erroneous diagnosis. Unfortunately, these things can and often do occur. In such cases, and if you are in Illinois, you may want to seek the advice of Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Chicago. They want to clarify what all falls under medical malpractice.

Simply put, medical malpractice is when a healthcare provider fails to perform professional services up to the standard required by his or her profession. Such failure results in injuries, damages and sometimes fatalities to the patient, and is usually due to some error on part of the professional. Over the years, it has been shown in the U.S. that over 195,000 people die due to medical errors. Among the 37 million hospitalizations in the Medicare program, about 1.14 million of these resulted in patient-safety incidents. These are just too many incidents, and there are attorneys who are in place to accommodate the unfortunate patients who become victims of these incidents.

In a medical malpractice suit, in order to successfully win the case, the plaintiff must establish four things: that a duty was owed, that such duty was breached, that the breach resulted in injury or death, and that there are damages. In cases as with a doctor, the doctor agreed to perform a service which he or she failed to make good on. As a result, the failure caused injury to the patient and damage was suffered as a consequence.

Dean Caras Attorney at Law, is a medical malpractice lawyer who works tirelessly to gain justice for those who have been harmed or wrongfully handled. His firm also handles civil rights cases, personal injury, workers’ compensation, accident law and other cases. His team works with physicians in the medical malpractice suits to ensure the validity of your claim. Having much experience litigating these type of cases, Dean Caras is ready to take on your case. To seek the advice of Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois, you may go online and Visit the site.

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