Aug 22, 2016

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Seek Out Termite Control Options Before Problems Arise

Seek Out Termite Control Options Before Problems Arise

Homeowners have a variety of things to consider when ensuring their home is safe. Most people focus on locking doors, installing security systems and the like, but these options won’t help against the most common invaders of wooden structures. Termites are a constant problem in Australia, which is why termite vigilance and control is essential.

Do You Have A Problem?

Most people don’t know the specific signs of an infestation. This can be highly dangerous, as allowing years to pass without treatment can result in severe structural damage. Instead, it’s best to learn as much as possible about these signs, so you can spot a problem early. If you’re unsure if you have an infestation, you should call the professionals at Pink Pest Services. They can inspect the home, and advise you of the next move.

What Can Be Done

There are a variety of termite control options available to you through professionals. If you notice damage, fine wood dust or brittle/hollow wooden elements of your home, you’ve likely already got a problem. Call a professional and they can advise you about what to do and lay out your treatment options, such as freezing, heat, fumigation or using insecticides. Sometimes, you’ll be required to leave the home for a few days so that the termites can be eradicated.


DIY methods are not recommended for termite treatments, as the nest is quite mobile and disturbing it can produce more work down the road. Furthermore, most homeowners do not have the relevant experience needed to apply the treatments, or knowledge of the behavioural aspects of a termite’s nest that can be used to improve treatment efficacy. Employing the professionals ensures that the problem is eradicated, and keeps your family’s home safe and sound.

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