Nov 2, 2016

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Seeing a Doctor in Maui for an Ankle Sprain

Seeing a Doctor in Maui for an Ankle Sprain

As explained by many medical professionals, it is best to avoid problems arising from a sprained ankle by not getting a sprain in the first place. This statement seems a little far-fetched but it is important because people who strain their ankles often do so because their body isn’t in the best of shape. Of course, accidents do happen to the best of people, but being in top physical performance can help greatly. If a person sprains their ankle, their local Doctor in Maui may suggest the following steps to ensure proper recovery.

Try to stay off of it. Until the doctor can determine what kind of damage was done, it is best to stay off the affected joint entirely. He or she may also suggest that you apply a cold compress. This should be done immediately, using a bag of ice to prevent further inflammation. Be careful not to burn yourself with the ice. There should always be a cloth between it and the injury.

Keep the foot up too. The ankle should always be elevated as this will help to relieve swelling. It is best to be lying down and have the foot above the heart. This allows the body to decrease inflammation through elevation. If nothing else, a person who suffers a sprain should see their Doctor in Maui in order to begin treatment as soon as possible.

Seeing a professional after a sprain is a smart move because you could have injured other parts of your body without knowing. For instance, it may seem like you suffered a simple sprain but, in reality, you actually tore some ligaments. Some falls may produce small cracks in the bone. Therefore, by protocol, an X-ray is usually done to rule out other damage.

As stated above, there are many advantages to visiting an urgent care when needed. Experts recommend people follow-up with his or her primary care physician afterward. Remember, people suffering from life-threatening conditions cannot use this type of medical care. In other cases, however, a person can walk in and get the treatment they need without massive wait times. Visit to more details.

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