See Your Dentist in South Loop About Dental Implants

Missing teeth can cause many different problems in your life. If you are missing teeth, you are most likely embarrassed about your smile. You may also have trouble chewing certain foods and even being able to eat others. If you have enough missing teeth, this can also affect your speech, making it difficult for you to say certain words correctly. Missing teeth were once corrected only through the use of partials. Now, there are Dental Implants available that can replace your missing teeth, giving you back your confidence and the performance of your mouth.

Your Dentist   can now offer you dental implants  that are better than ever before. The procedure is safe, even though it is surgical. To have the procedure, you will be put under either a general or a local anesthesia. This will keep you from feeling anything while the dentist puts your implants in. It typically takes around three weeks for your gums to heal after implant surgery. Once your gums have healed, the dentist will bring you in to place the implant teeth on the metal anchors that were implanted into your gum sockets.

When the Dentist in South Loop places the teeth on the anchors, he or she will carefully shape each one so that they fit in well with your other teeth. Your bite will also be checked to make sure that there are no problems. Once the dentist is sure that your new implants are seated perfectly and that there are no issues that would interfere with your eating, he or she will give you ample instructions on how to care for your implants.

The Dentist in South Loop will make sure that you are aware of the foods that you should avoid as well as how you should care for your implants. Your implanted teeth can last a lifetime with proper care and treatment. It is important for you to follow your dentist’s advice and see him or her on a regular basis for checkups. Once you have your implants in, you can finally be proud of your beautiful smile and no longer have to worry about hiding it.

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