Jan 12, 2017

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Searching for a Veterinarian in Bowie? Consider a High Tech Animal Clinic

Searching for a Veterinarian in Bowie? Consider a High Tech Animal Clinic

The best way to enjoy a long and happy relationship with a new pet is to give them excellent care, right from the beginning. That is why many Bowie, Maryland area pet parents trust their animals to experts like Gambrills Veterinary Center. Their caring staff offers emergency help, ongoing wellness care and cutting-edge technology. Professionals also provide exotic animal care as well as grooming and boarding services.

High Tech Medical Care Keeps Patients Healthy

While it is common for a veterinarian in Bowie to provide sanitary facilities and skilled care, not all work at the same level. For example, a clinic like Gambrills is focused on all-around patient comfort and well-being. They strive to minimize patients’ discomfort, even during regular exams. Patients are treated on tables that automatically raise, which helps to minimize the stress when bigger animals are lifted. Patients are seen in quiet, odorless areas and are always protected from infectious diseases. The vet uses a high-tech x-ray machine that is very fast and provides precise results, even for nervous, jumpy pets. Their state-of-the-art lab equipment allows staff members to analyze immune, kidney, thyroid and liver functions with just 2 blood drops. They are able to perform a range of laparoscopic procedures in state-of-the-art surgical suites. Laparoscopic surgery reduces patient discomfort and healing time.

Exotic Pet? No Problem

In addition to offering cutting-edge services for cats and dogs, advanced clinics care for exotic animals. A specialty clinic veterinarian in Bowie cares for reptiles and birds. The hospitals accommodate exotic patients with incubators, glass monitoring doorways, super quiet design and unique ventilation. Equipment can provide the exact humidity and oxygen levels needed for each species. Hospitals also have the technology to provide quick diagnoses and treatment.

Boarding and Grooming Services Are Pet Friendly

Pet parents can also rely on their high tech animal hospitals for boarding and grooming services. Groomers are experienced animal lovers whose services include de-matting, nail clipping, teeth brushing and hydro baths. Daycare and boarding facilities are clean, spacious, well ventilated and safe. Dogs enjoy plenty of play areas and cats get their own 3-room suites.

Pet owners in the Bowie, Maryland area often trust animal care to a local full-service, high tech veterinary clinic. These cutting-edge facilities offer complete medical and surgical care, are very well equipped and can treat a wide variety of pets. They also offer exceptional daycare, boarding and grooming services.

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