Searching For A Reliable Disability Lawyer in Park Ridge?

Are you disabled and unable to work? If your condition has or will prevent you from earning a living for 12 months or more, seeking a qualified disability lawyer is likely in your best interest. To ensure you get the SSDI benefits you need and deserve, trust a Disability Lawyer Park Ridge to review your case and create a strong argument on your behalf. They’ll work tirelessly to ensure your case isn’t overlooked by the Social Security Administration.

How SSA Defines “Disability”

In order to receive SSDI, applicants must meet the SSA’s requirements in terms of their disability and inability to work. Generally, the SSA’s definition of “disability” revolves around an individual’s incapacity to earn a living due to one or more medical conditions that have or will last for a year, or result in death. If you’re unable to work due to a disability, the SSA will measure your ability to work an entry-level job 5 days a week, 8 hours per day. Typically, applicants who can’t do this because of pain, difficulty focusing, lack of regular attendance, and/or unreliability due to their health condition, are considered by definition, disabled.

What An Attorney Can Do

If you’re suffering from a medical condition, a Disability Lawyer Park Ridge can provide the skilled representation you need to pursue the disability benefits you deserve. A knowledgeable attorney will know which actions to take to prove that you are disabled, thus improving your chances of a favorable outcome. If it applies to your case, they’ll work to prove that you meet a disability listing, such as having an immune system disorder, neurological disorder, or other condition. If your case does not meet a listing, your attorney will form an argument based your inability to work even an entry-level job, or that your case meets medical-vocational guidelines, or grid rules.

Don’t Hesitate To File

Contrary to what many believe, waiting to file for SSDI isn’t recommended. It’s generally a good rule of thumb for individuals to file as soon as they become disabled. For example, if you become injured or develop a medical condition and both you and your doctor feel you’re unable to work, filing for disability as soon as possible is a good course of action to take. Waiting to file doesn’t help your case, and in some cases, you may lose out on months of back benefits. For more information visit Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates Ltd.

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