Aug 25, 2015

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Scottsdale Condos for Sale Offer a Luxury Vacation Home and Business Opportunity

You can easily tell from the number of popular movies, books, and television shows that many people love the notion of the Wild West. That is why Scottsdale condos for sale tend to sell so quickly. Americans, Canadians, and many others love to move to the warm, arid climate of a historic place. Many of those who have homes in the area are not quite as fond of the high heat during the summers. That is why January to April is considered the best time to visit the area and the summer is considered too hot. Some vacationers prefer the heat, though.  That provides a unique opportunity because many mortgages are underwater.

These homeowners might consider selling to recoup their losses. This might not be necessary, though. Due to the abundance of space, gated communities, and luxury accommodations, many see Scottsdale as the perfect place to visit during the summer. Typically, these vacationers are Europeans attempting to escape the lingering cold weather of their hometowns. If you rent your condo as a vacation spot, you can make money without losing your house.


The summers are very hot, and the winters are fairly mild. If you’ve lived in the West for a while, you might have grown tired of the high temperatures. When you flee the high heat, there is probably someone looking to flock to it. Chances are they’re willing to pay for the opportunity.

Also, since it is not centered around a water source or natural resource as many other cities are, there is no shortage of space. Because of the abundant space, there are many Scottsdale condos for sale. That openness also lends itself to recreation.


Many communities in Arizona are still being built in styles reminiscent of the Spanish colony it once was. These Mediterranean-style communities focus on water as a source of life and leisure. You can see this style at work if you visit Alhambra in Andalusia, Spain. The palace is known for its sprawling courtyards, high arches, elaborate ornamentation, and its fountains. The fountains serve to bring life-giving water to the desert.

In the same way, many Arizona gated communities recreate the style with an emphasis on open spaces and water. Because of that emphasis, these communities tend to flourish with golf courses, swimming pools, and tennis courts. To Canadians and Europeans up to their knees in snow, this might sound like heaven.

You should not have to lose your wonderful condo just because the housing market took a hit a few years back. There are thousands of people who would love to visit the American Southwest for vacation. Many of these people (you might be one of them) hate staying in hotels. Hotels are crowded and impersonal. Also, they tend to be located in cities. If they want open spaces, they’ll have to head to a more removed community. That’s where you come in.

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