Scheduling Your MMJ Doctor Online

The patient-friendly option that Texas has adopted with its Compassionate Use Program for medical marijuana is telemedicine appointments. In fact, in South Houston and across the state, patients can book with an MMJ doctor online; there are no in-office visits.

There are several advantages for the patient booking with an MMJ doctor online. Online forms allow patients to pre-qualify for treatment based on diagnosed conditions. The websites use a handy form with a drop-down box that lists all of the specific medical and psychological conditions recognized by the state for the use of medical marijuana.

This information is updated as the laws change. The state of Texas has approved several different medical and psychological conditions over the last few years, and advocates continue to press for the state to allow additional qualifying conditions.

There are several benefits to booking online and then meeting with the medical marijuana doctor using telemedicine, which is an appointment by phone.

Prevents the Need for Travel

Many patients in and around South Houston applying for medical marijuana have mobility considerations or challenges in getting out of their homes to attend medical appointments.

Through the use of telemedicine, patients do not have to travel to appointments and can meet with their doctor by phone at their scheduled appointment time.

Streamlined Appointments

Meeting with the MMJ doctor by phone eliminates the issue of waiting for the doctor. Instead, the doctor and patients meet at their scheduled appointment time. When booking an appointment with an MMJ doctor online, patients will need to complete intake forms with this information prior to the telemedicine call.

The actual medical review and discussion with the patient include time for questions. For patients unfamiliar with the use of low-dosage THC, this is an ideal time to obtain the information they need to begin using medical marijuana to manage their condition.

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