Jun 4, 2013

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Scheduled air travel is becoming impossible

Many people have endured what is euphemistically called airline travel. Purchasing an airline ticket is no more than the promise of a seat on an overcrowded, underserved airplane that takes you from an airport which is located miles from your home or office to another airport which miles away from where you want to be. In between all of this are restrictions on liquids that you can carry aboard, baggage allowances and security checks one after the other. Needless to say, it is no surprise that private air charter services are springing up to offer business executives in particular a far better solution.

When a passenger charters an aircraft and crew for the duration of the agreed upon flight service, the arrangement is known as a private air charter. There are many advantages to private travel; one of the more important for people who can honestly say “time is money” is to fly from smaller airports which are often closer to both the departure point and the arrival point.

It has reached a point in this sophisticated industry that a single phone call will get you private air charter services to deliver passengers or cargo from anywhere to anywhere. It is really not much different than hailing a cab except the distances and costs are greater.

The cost of a private jet is the downside. The distance flown, the size of the aircraft, the crew size and the ever fluctuating cost of jet fuel is all factored in. These expenses can be significant but they may pale in comparison to a lost opportunity or the delivery of mission critical equipment. It is in the area of cost control that commercial aircraft have the advantage overprivate air charter services but even at that, there are ways to trim the cost of a charter jet. There are many times when there are sufficient numbers of people who want to go to the same destination, so the expenses can be shared. This can also be applied to cargo.

Many of the aircraft that are chartered by a charter company are actually privately owned aircraft by others. The management charters the planes from the owners which allows the owners to offset some of the costs of having a private plane.

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