Schedule a Sports Physical in Menifee, CA If You Engage in Athletics

If you are an athlete, your health needs are different than someone who does not regularly engage in sports. That is why you should see a doctor who specializes in sports medicine and can review any injuries with an expert eye.

Getting a PPE: What Is Involved

If you need a sports physical in Menifee, CA, the doctor will take what is called a preparticipation physical examination or PPE. This exam helps determine if it is okay to participate in a certain sports activity. Most states in the U.S. require that children or teens take this type of physical before they engage in a sport.

Even if a sports physical is not a requirement, you should get a physical or you should schedule one for your child if you are a parent. There are two main parts that encompass this type of exam. The doctor will take a medical history before conducting the physical assessment.

The medical history for the sports physical involves asking a number of questions. These questions will help the doctor determine if there have been serious illnesses in the family or if the patient has had previous surgeries or hospitalizations. The physical also includes asking about past injuries such as sprains, fractures, or concussions and inquiring about medications.

Determining the Patient’s Overall Health

Once the doctor obtains this information, he or she can conduct the actual physical. All this information can help him or her determine the overall health of the patient. When the physical is performed, the doctor will record the height and weight of the patient and take his or her blood pressure and pulse. The pulse is recorded to note the rate and rhythm of the heart. The doctor will also check the abdomen, ears, nose, throat, lungs, and heart.

Once the physical is done, the doctor can approve or disapprove the patient for sports play. If you need to have one of these physicals performed, contact a clinic such as Total Care Family Medical Center today. Use a clinic that offers comprehensive health care services to take care of all your family’s health needs.

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