Scale for Bail Bond Charges Helps Defendants Know What to Expect

The amount that a Schenectady NY judge sets for bail is always dependent on the unique situation of each case. That is why there is always a bail hearing. Various factors go into the decision for setting the bail amount. This can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the nature of the crime and past history of the defendant. There are some basic guidelines for the amount in bail bonds in Schenectady NY that is set for the defendant.

Amounts by Charges Leveled

For starters, traffic or municipal type charges usually have a low amount set for bail bonds in Schenectady NY. This is typically just a few hundred dollars and well under a thousand dollars. This can include such things as driving with a suspended license, minor possession charges, etc. These can usually be paid up front without having to go through any formal agreement.

The next set of charges is considered minor felony type charges. This includes such charges as petty theft, public intoxication, simple assault, disorderly conduct, trespassing, vandalism, reckless driving, prostitution, etc. Typically the amount that is set for bail is just a few thousand dollars. Of course, depending on the case this amount can end up being over $10,000.

The more serious felony charges such as a robbery or a serious drug charge may warrant an even higher bail amount. For these types charges, a Schenectady NY judge may set the bail as high as $100,000. Again this is dependent on the individual situation of each defendant.

Finally, the worst type crimes will warrant the highest amount of bail set. These type crimes include kidnapping, murder, or other major felony type charges. The amount of bond that is typically set here is at least several hundred thousand dollars. There is no real ceiling set here either. There have been cases of bail being set in the millions.

Judgment Can Play a Role

Of course if the judge considers the defendant to be too much of a risk to allow out on bail then the judge will simply deny any opportunity for bail. In this case, the defendant will have to remain in jail until the appointed court time. They could either be considered a flight risk or a danger to the community of Schenectady NY.

Beyond the simple traffic or municipal type charges it can get very expensive for a person to pay their bail. Often times the defendant does not have the means to come up with the entire amount for bail. When this is the case, there are only a few options left. They can either borrow the money from a family member or friend, remain in jail, or seek out a bail bond company in Schenectady NY to post the bail on behalf of the defendant. To know more browse our website.

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