Savor A Chef-Made Meal While Taking in The Best Views in Dallas

Dallas is one of the most prominent cities in Texas, so it’s no surprise that many people call it home, and many more come to visit every year. If you’re looking for the best Uptown Dallas bars to mingle with friends and get to know the locals in town, then this high-rise establishment just might be the perfect option. One of the best features of this nine-story-high bar is that it provides nearly unobstructed views of the entire city.

Exquisite Plating & Unique Cocktails

This Uptown Dallas bars menu is full of chef-made meals and small bites plated with elegant flair and created with fresh, mouthwatering ingredients. Not only can you enjoy unbeatable views at this bar, but your food and drinks will be photo-worthy as well. As if delicate and beautiful plating wasn’t enough, the bar staff creates unique cocktails from classic favorites so that you can wash every bite down with a drink as unique as your meal.

Inspiring Venue Opportunity

Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding reception or an extravagant office party, this bar is one of the city’s most inspiring venues. Not only will your guests enjoy food and drinks from the impressive menu, but they can take in all the stunning sites of the Dallas skyline as the sun sets over the city.

Contact the staff of Upside West Village to inquire about the menu or to reserve a table. You can also explore the menu and learn more about the location online.

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