Mar 15, 2016

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Saving Money on Contrast Injector Equipment and Supplies

Saving Money on Contrast Injector Equipment and Supplies

A Contrast Injector is an essential piece of equipment for biomedical procedures. Many are used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and other medical facilities. Large facilities have more than one machine. Purchasing one is a major investment, and the maintenance and repairs can be expensive, especially when using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and components. There are a few ways facilities can save money on equipment, repair parts, and supplies, without compromising quality.

The first way is to purchase a used contrast injector from a reputable company. Companies that repair equipment will be able to make sure the used equipment is operating up to manufacturer specifications before it is sold. Equipment is inspected and tested as well. Large companies will have a wide selection of used equipment in stock to suit the needs and budgets of any size facility. Most will provide a limited warranty on used equipment. The cost for used equipment is significantly lower than new equipment, and the equipment will perform as good as new.

Another way is to purchase high-quality parts and supplies that are alternatives to OEM parts and supplies. That can save a facility as much as fifty percent in repair and operating costs. Parts work just as well as OEM parts and are compatible with all types of contrast injectors. Supplies, such as accessories and consumables, are designed to include the same features as OEM supplies, only at lower costs. That will save money on a regular basis.

A preventative maintenance agreement for equipment will also save money by alerting facilities to any minor repairs that have to be completed and lowering the cost for maintenance. Agreements can be for a year at a time or for three years, which will save even more money. Maintenance technicians arrive in fully stocked vehicles, so minor repairs or small replacement parts can be addressed at the same time.

A training program for facilities is also offered, and will save both time and money. Training will teach facility employees how to maintain their own contrast injectors. That eliminates the cost of an outside maintenance provider and saves time for the facility. Once a course is completed, free technical support is provided via telephone or email. The Facility manager can find more information regarding equipment and all services online.

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