Feb 4, 2014

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Saving Lives One Window at a Time

mitigation_tech_logoIf we examine the recent examples of terrorist attacks, we will note that the greatest loss of life occurs in areas where the fragile human body is exposed to blast overpressures and flying debris.  This debris can be ballistic in nature (from the intentional use of shrapnel within a device, for example) or can be comprised of glass and other nearby objects that have been carried by the explosive force.  Either way, even everyday objects can be turned into potentially deadly missiles, as they can frequently travel hundreds of miles per hour immediately after a detonation.  These are some of the most critical reasons why blast proof windows are so very important in saving both lives and property.  So, let us take a quick look at what makes these devices so very unique.

A Misnomer?

It should be mentioned that the term “blast proof” may suggest to some individuals that mesh curtains and other forms of protection will completely eliminate the devastating effects of a concussive explosion.  As of the present, there are few options available that will achieve this.  Instead, blast proof windows are meant to mitigate the effects of any blast so as to render the possibility of injury or death drastically reduced.  How is this accomplished?

Absorption of Debris

Besides the initial concussion, flying debris is one of the main threats to lives and property.  Blast proof windows will make use of a mesh curtain that is placed directly behind the window on the inside of the frame.  Upon a nearby detonation, this mesh will serve to effectively catch the majority of the debris that would otherwise be carried into the centre of the structure.  The flexibility of the curtains (as they are not attached at the bottom) will also absorb much of the concussive wave that will naturally follow a strong explosion.  Thereafter, the debris will simply fall to the bottom of the window for future disposal or analysis.

These blast proof windows can be installed in nearly any location; thus allowing them to enjoy use in government offices, public gathering places and even heads of state and capitol buildings.  They will be a much more cost-effective solution than other options and their low visible footprint will enable them to be installed and maintained discreetly.  These are some of the primary reasons why this type of protective measure proves highly popular and effective in this modern world.

Of course, blast proof windows can be found in many shapes and sizes.  To appreciate their flexible nature, visit Mitigation Technologies.

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