Jul 8, 2015

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Save the World’s Resources with the Help of Recycling Services in Baltimore

Save the World’s Resources with the Help of Recycling Services in Baltimore

Recycling does two things, it conserves the world’s resources and it reduces overall waste. However, across the US, only about 50% of people actual recycle. Those that do recycle often miss items that can be reclaimed, believing them to be unusable again. Understanding what can be reused makes it easier for recycling to occur. What’s more, with the help of recycling services in Baltimore, it’s much easier to get those items to the right place to be re-purposed.

Most people are already aware that soda cans are recyclable. This is the most common item to see in a recycling bin. Soda cans are made of aluminium and aluminium is an easily recycled material. However, the majority of people who recycle their cans will throw out their aluminium foil, despite the fact it can be recycled in exactly the same way as the cans. While it has to be wiped down first, aluminium foil should be placed in recycling bins.

Another common throw away are steel cans. Typically, these cans contain fruits or veggies. Steel cans are recycled differently than aluminium, but they can be put in the same recycling bin. At recycling centers, a magnet is used to separate the aluminium from the steel, and they are then recycled in their own unique ways. In every case, it’s important to rinse the cans before using Recycling Services in Baltimore as food items can contaminate an entire batch of steel as it’s being recycled. Most recycling centers do clean the items brought in, but they do ask that consumers also rinse them prior to sending them for reuse.

There are a number of other things that can be recycled as well. Glass, plastic, paper and cardboard can all be recycled. Each should be placed in their own recycling bins to reduce the amount of separating needed at a recycling facility. Simply put, this helps to keep overall costs for recycling down. Items, such as computers, cell phones and batteries can also be recycled, but they’re specialty items and require specific disposal at certified facilities.

Recycling is a responsibility, and many people want to do more. If you want to recycle at your home or business, and you need to have those items picked up, then Click here. You can learn more about recycling and schedule a pick up for your recyclables.

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