Apr 28, 2014

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Save Money with the Right Contractor for Foam Insulation in Wichita, KS

Saving money on heating and cooling costs for home insulation is incredibly important to many homeowners. Insulation works to increase energy efficiency by keeping hot and cold air inside when necessary. Besides keeping the right temperature air inside, insulation reduces mold, dampness, and condensation. The reduction of mold and damp increases health benefits for all living in the home. Insulation also helps homeowners protect the environment and reduce their greenhouse emissions by lowering the energy consumption rate.

Before choosing an insulation contractor, homeowners should be aware of the type of insulation they want. Bulk insulation types include wool, polyester, and recycled paper that comes in batts or rolls. Reflective insulation helps keep homes cooler in the summer by using laminated aluminum foil to reflect radiating heat waves.
One of the newest forms of insulation is foam. Initial installation of foam insulation can be three times more costly. However, the savings benefits are much higher for the life of the product. Unlike traditional forms of insulation, foam does not deteriorate so there is no reason for repairs. It is also easy and quick to apply. Allergic reactions are seldom with this type of insulation because it helps improve air quality. One more major benefit of insulation foam is that it is insect resistant and fire resistant.

When choosing the right contractor for foam insulation Wichita KS, homeowners should take their time to shop around. After drawing up a list of nearby contractors, homeowners should call each one or search the Better Business Bureau’s database to ensure that each contractor is licensed and insured according to state regulations. If any businesses on the list are not insured or licensed, take them off. If a homeowner chooses to use an uninsured company, they can be liable for any employee or property damages that the company causes.

Choose a company with at least 20 years of experience to ensure they are respectable and knowledgeable. All companies and their workers should be certified and trained. NorthStar Comfort Services has been in the insulation business since 1947 that has experience with home insulation and commercial insulation including metal buildings. Call today for a free quote or complete the contact form on their website. Visit website for more information.


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