Apr 24, 2018

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SALA Lifting Equipment – Helping Ensure Worker Safety

Rescue situations, especially those that are urgently life-threatening, require equipment that operates quickly and without error. One category of equipment that does this job superbly is SALA lifting equipment. The devices that fall under this category of equipment involve retrieval and rescue systems that are highly effective. Project site directors and safety engineers depend on DBI-SALA for robust, high quality systems that perform at a high level.

Retrieval and rescue are crucial elements of a fall protection system. The tasks of rescuing people and saving lives must be done with efficiency, speed, and safety in order to achieve success. A trapped, suspended, or fallen worker must be extricated from a dangerous situation as soon as possible – many times time is a crucial factor for the survival of the employee in this circumstance. The type of SALA lifting equipment used to facilitate rescue depends on a particular site at hand, who is available to perform the rescue, and the tasks needed to carry it out.

Workers are able to raise and lower their positions efficiently and safely through the devices that make up fall protection systems. These systems and the devices that comprise them are used in emergency situations that involve perilous positions and conditions.

Fall Protection Elements

There are several features related to a SALA fall protection system that work together to ensure the safety of workers. A fall protection harness is one of those elements. Others include, supportive body wear, anchor points, connectors, tripods, winches, descent devices, rescue systems, and davit arms. The SALA products available for positioning and rescue tasks are safe and easy to use, and also allow for optimum control.

SALA lifting equipment and devices are highly useful for workers performing tasks at elevations above hazardous equipment or conditions.

Safety First

Protecting workers’ safety and the safety of others is the major reasons for the implementation of fall protection systems. These systems are crucial to mitigate the risk of serious injuries and death. These systems must be implemented in accordance with all code requirements and safety standards. Failure to do so can put the lives of workers and others at serious risk.

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