Saint Paul, Minnesota Lunch Restaurants: A Convenient Place for Friends

Two good friends who don’t live near each other but work in the same urban neighborhood may like meeting for lunch frequently. A major city’s downtown area typically has many dining establishments open at this time of day. These two friends might have a strong preference for one of the lunch restaurants in Saint Paul Minnesota that has an extensive midday menu with a broad range of options.

A Variety of Food Possibilities

A menu that features a variety of foods for meat and seafood lovers, as well as vegetarians, is attractive to a large number of men and women. The same is true for lunch restaurants in Saint Paul, Minnesota offering indulgent burgers and fried food along with seared meat choices and salads.

A few options in the tradition of ethnic cuisines would be appreciated too. Fish tacos and pasta are a couple of possibilities. Since most people like pizza, these friends might focus on sharing this meal sometimes.

Alcohol-Free Cocktails

Another favorite feature could be alcohol-free cocktails. These beverages are created to mimic drinks with spirits, including ingredients like fruit syrup blends and soda. The customers can get back to work without worrying about their abilities being slightly impaired.

Takeout for Nice Weather

Restaurants that offer takeout as an option are welcome when the weather is cooperative for eating outdoors. The friends could touch base about what to order, and then one can make the call. They might have lunch at a nearby park, of which downtown Saint Paul has several.

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