Feb 25, 2014

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Safety Tips for Roll Off Service in Colorado Springs, CO

Roll off dumpsters are an important resource for individuals who have to deal with a large quantity of garbage and other materials. While they are generally safe, the size, weight and function of a roll off dumpster make it dangerous if you do not take the proper precautions, particularly in a residential setting. Before you rent a garbage receptacle for your next project, consider the following safety tips for roll off service in Colorado Springs, CO.

Keep Children Away
When a child sees a roll off dumpster, they usually think it is something fun that they can play in. It is important to keep them away from the dumpster when it is, and is not in use. Along with holding garbage and other materials that are dangerous for children to be around, garbage can unknowingly fall on top of children trapping them inside the dumpster. It is important to keep all the doors of the dumpster closed and to talk to children nearby, explaining the importance of staying away from the container at all times.

Add Load Evenly
For you safety, and the safety of the persons who haul your dumpster away, it is important to ensure that you add garbage and waste materials in a way that distributes the weight evenly throughout the container. Pay attention to the size and weight of each item as you add it to the dumpster to ensure the best distribution possible.

Never Overfill a Dumpster
Another important factor for roll off dumpster safety is not overfilling the container at any point in time. It can be tempting to overload a dumpster in order to save time or money, but doing that is a dangerous practice that threatens your personal safety and the safety of the crew that hauls the container away. Ensure that you plan for the correct number of roll-off containers that you need to complete your project, and never fill the container higher than the top of its sides.

Use these safety tips for roll of service in Colorado Springs, CO to ensure that you, your property and everyone in close proximity remains safe in the presence of your roll off dumpster. For safe and efficient garbage disposal, contact All American Disposal today for more information and a free no obligation quote.

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