Oct 21, 2013

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Safety Tips For Garbage Removal in Ithaca, NY

Everyone has trash and you probably don’t even think about your trash until it’s time to set it out on trash day. The next time you place your trash on the curb, remember these tips so that the employees from the service that does your garbage removal in Ithaca NY can safely and efficiently do their job.

If you place your garbage outside the night before, make sure that it’s secured in a trash can or dumpster. If you just place trash bags out by the curb, dogs and other animals can get in your trash during the night and scatter it all over the place. When this happens, the trash removal employees have to spend their time picking up your trash out of the yard and street.

Don’t place your trash container close to a parked vehicle or a mailbox. Trash trucks are huge and the driver of the truck shouldn’t have to maneuver around a parked vehicle just to pick up your trash.

If you have small children, keep them at a safe distance when the trash collector are picking up your trash. Your child may find that it’s exciting to watch the trash truck eat your garbage and he may want a closer look. Stay outside with your child while the trash truck is picking up your trash to make sure that he doesn’t get around the truck or in the street.

If you’re driving, don’t pull out in front of a trash truck to try to beat it before it passes. It’s hard for heavy trash trucks to stop quickly and the truck could possibly hit your car if you dart out in front of it.

If you get behind a trash truck on the road, keep a good distance behind it, because the truck will be making frequent stops. This is especially important if the weather is rainy or icy and the road is wet or slick. Don’t try to pass the trash truck when it stops, because you could possibly hit an employee.

By following these simple tips, you can make trash pickup day go more smoothly and safely for you and the employees of the trash service.

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