Oct 28, 2015

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Safety Guidelines for Grain Bin Augers in Oregon

Safety Guidelines for Grain Bin Augers in Oregon

A major part of grain handling is moving grain from a grain bin to another area for holding. It can also involve moving grain from a grain bin to a vehicle for transportation. To get grain from the bin to another location, many grain bin owners use sweet augers in Oregon. Because there are risks involved in utilizing this mechanism, grain bin operators should use the following safety guidelines to prevent property damage, personal injury, and even death.

All operators should be familiar with the moving parts of an auger. One of the most important parts of a sweep auger is a flighting. This element of a sweep auger is a helical screw blade that gathers grain to move it to a sump in the grain bin. From this sump, the grain falls onto another conveying system. Grain bin operators should thoroughly read and understand all parts of the sweep auger’s user’s manual before the auger is used. All operators should also need to know about OSHA guidelines for using sweep augers in grain bins.

While the top and backside of a sweep auger has protective devices to prevent direct contact with the auger, the flighting does not. These guards should never be removed or modified without proper authorization. The grate on the sub-floor auger should also be firmly in position. Grain bin operators should never walk on grain if the vertical measurement of the grain presents an engulfment risk. Any auger used in a grain bin should be equipped with a speed control mechanism to prevent a malfunction of the flighting. Also, workers should never use their hands, legs, or other body parts to facilitate sweet auger operation. Doing this can result in an amputation or death.

Using a sweep auger in grain handling can vastly improve the efficiency of moving the grain out of the grain bin. However, all federal, state, and manufacturer’s safety guidelines must be heeded to prevent injury. For more information on sweep Augers in Oregon, please talk to a professional at Leon James Construction Co, Inc. This company can handle many types of services for grain storage and processing along with seed processing equipment.

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