Dec 9, 2013

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Rubber Products for All Industrial Needs

It is hard to envision the modern world without rubber. Indigenous Americans had rubber in their backyards even before European explorers set foot there. Charles Goodyear discovered the vulcanization process by accident in 1840. Countless companies in the US are in the business of rubber products. One of these companies is Minor rubber that has been in existence since 1914.

Rubber has numerous uses and is present in virtually all industries. Some of these industries include aerospace, electronics, health care, transport, defense, marine and agriculture. Rubber products have even found their way to the moon in numerous moon landings. Self-adhesive bumpers are a common rubber product that has many uses in industry. A wide range of materials forms the core components during the manufacture of feet, bumpers and other rubber products. Established manufacturers of industrial rubber however rely heavily on SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) despite the availability of other materials. Other common materials include EPDM, Neoprene, silicone and nitrile.

In order for these rubber products to conform to the various needs of industrial users, manufacturers stock them in alternate materials. This ensures that users get to choose a product depending on where they are going to use it. Self-adhesive bumpers are available in both PVC and urethane. These bumpers do not require rivets, screws or any other fastening device. They apply and adhere easily with the use of thumb pressure. They offer a great solution against unwanted vibration; eliminate scratches on surfaces and skidding. They are kiss-cut and come in a matrix pad for easy application and removal.

Urethane self-adhesives come with an acrylic based adhesive that guarantees long life. The adhesive also has excellent ultraviolet and solvent resistance. In addition, they have high shear strength. PVC bumpers also have acrylic based adhesive that guarantees long life and high shear strength properties. Common colors include natural, black, white and gray.

Apart from the self-adhesive bumpers, there are snap-in bumpers that allow extra fastening using mechanical fasteners. This makes these bumpers unparalleled in durability and sound dampening qualities. This makes them especially suitable for vanity and cabinet doors. Other suitable uses include hard to clean surfaces, uneven surfaces, polypropylene/polyethylene (have low surface energy) and applications that are in constant contact with moisture. There are rubber products made from high durometer urethane that offers additional support required in printed circuit boards. These also pass off as self-adhesives.

In addition to these rubber products, there are boots and bellows that are available in different sizes, configurations and materials. They are useful in applications that require protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, oils and UV. They are extremely hardy and durable.

Manufacturers employ several manufacturing methods in the manufacture of these products such as latex dip molding, conventional molding methods and RF welding.

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