Routine Veterinarian Pet Care

When you have a larger or exotic pet, you may need a mobile vet in Chicago rather than transporting the animal to a clinic. Some veterinarians may discourage bringing certain types of animals to a clinic to protect other pets, and some animals aren’t easy to transport in a vehicle. If you don’t own a vehicle, then it is often impossible to use public buses or trains to visit your veterinarian. Today, a veterinarian may have a small bus or a large van that is used as a mobile clinic so that it is possible to care for sick or injured animals along with providing routine care.

Have Cats and Dogs Neutered to Stop Breeding

If you have a cat or dog, then you should learn if a mobile vet in Chicago offers neutering services in different neighborhoods. Many veterinarians want to stop the breeding of dogs and cats to reduce the population of unwanted animals, and these veterinarians might offer low-cost services to pet owners who can avoid the regular fees. These veterinarians may also provide a variety of immunizations for pets to prevent rabies, feline leukemia or distemper.

Contact a Veterinarian for Mobile Emergency Services

For animal breeders with numerous cats or dogs, having access to a mobile vet in Chicago makes it simpler to have several animals cared for during one call to a home. The veterinarian can perform laboratory tests on different animals along with giving new kittens and puppies the proper vaccinations required to maintain appropriate licensing as a breeder. You can also contact a veterinarian for mobile services when a pet has an emergency issue. For additional information about caring for your pets, you can contact our veterinarian at Village West Veterinary, or you can visit our website.

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