Feb 20, 2015

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Room Divider Kits offer Style and Appeal for Your Home

There are a number of benefits offered by using room divider kits. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal and interest, they can turn a one room space into a multiple room, versatile space that can be used for various needs. With the room divider kits that are available, you can hide storage areas, move them from place to place with ease and even accent your space with a feature that is unique and interesting. These dividers are also durable and low maintenance, offering a stylish and unique way to utilize your space.

When you purchase a room divider kit, you will have everything you need to partition your space. The kits that are currently available can be found here.

The Tension Rod Kit

This is a low cost option that offers an extremely easy solution for dividing your room. There is no drilling necessary, which means that you can easily move it from place to place. The kit includes the adjustable tension rod bar in four different sizes so that it fits your space properly. It also comes with a curtain room divider, which is offered in six different color options. This ensures that the curtain you choose is aesthetically pleasing and that it coordinates with your existing décor.

The Hanging Rod Kit

The hanging rod kit is a more permanent solution than the tension rod option. It is also adjustable to fit multiple sizes and can be purchased in a number of different colors. This is perfect for shared bedrooms, between dining and living rooms or to shield a play or toy area from guests when they visit. This kit is offered in five different sizes, allowing it to offer more coverage than the tension rod kit, as well.

The Loft Style Kit

This is the most expensive kit, but offers the largest coverage area. It is ideal for dividing your loft, a big room or an office that has a high ceiling. The kit includes a room divider, two tri-pod sands, as well as a hanging rod that is adjustable. You can also purchase extension kits if you need more coverage than 12.5 feet.

No longer do you have to suffer poor design or style when trying to section off your home or office. These kits are designed to look great and offer the privacy or seclusion you desire.


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