Mar 13, 2014

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Roofing Contractors in Tucson Provide a Range of Services

Many homeowners often ignore roofs until they start to leak. Savvy homeowners who want to save money know that properly maintaining a roof saves money in the long run, and routinely contact Tucson area professionals to inspect and maintain their homes’ roofs. No matter what type of roof a home has, regular maintenance will extend its life.

Tucson area homes use several different types of roofing products. While shingles are common, so are metal and tile roofs. Homes with low slope roofs use different types of materials, but still require normal maintenance. Each type of roofing product needs different care, but none is maintenance free. Professional roofing contractors Tucson recommend that all homeowners have their roofs inspected at least once per year. Doing so allows roofing specialists to perform minor maintenance that keeps roofs from leaking.

The different types of asphalt and composition shingles are common in the area and, if properly maintained usually last for years. Of course lower quality shingles generally do not last as long as higher quality ones, but they still last for many years. Tucson’s hot sun and wind, however, shorten the lives of most shingle products.

Metal roofing products generally last longer than asphalt or composition shingles, but they still need routine maintenance. Steel roofs with exposed screws, for example, need to be checked to ensure the screws have not worked loose or that the rubber seals on the screws have not deteriorated. Top companies like Ralph Hays Roofing ( know the signs to look for when performing maintenance inspections.

Tile roofing products, while often quite expense to initially install, last for many years with minimal maintenance. As with any roof, flashings around roof openings create the biggest maintenance issue for homes with clay or concrete tiles. Those flashings must be maintained to prevent water from entering home interior areas.

Eventually, all roofing products reach a point where replacement is needed. Top area roofers install virtually any type of roofing material, including wood shake, various types of shingles, clay and concrete tile, metal roofing products and flat roof solutions. The contractor will work with homeowners to determine which materials best suit their needs and budgets. Contractors know how vital it is to have a leak-free roof, and set up programs to keep roofs in good repair throughout their lives. Visit for more details.

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