Roofers in Sammamish, Wa: How to Spot a Bad Roof Installation

The last thing a homeowner wants is to be duped by amateur roofers who don’t know how to install a roof. The following are a few ways to spot a bad roof installation.

Signs of a Bad Installation

One sign a roofer is not doing a good job is if the person isn’t using enough nails per shingle. For the most part, the shingle manufacturer will recommend how many nails are needed for proper installation.

Roofers usually follow this guideline to reduce the chances of a shingle flying off because of the wind. Good roofers in Sammamish, WA, will place at least four nails on each shingle, and homeowners who see a roofer do less than this should stop the process to find out what is going on. Roofers who are willing to cut corners here may be willing to do the same elsewhere, so it might be time to look for qualified professionals.

Another sign that a roofer is not doing a good job is if the roofer decides not to fasten the gutters as well as he or she should. Homeowners know they are getting a shoddy job if the gutters aren’t tightly fastened to the roof.

Good roofers in Sammamish, WA, are going to fasten gutters and can show homeowners how secure the gutters are when the job is done. This prevents gutters from sagging, and it improves the gutter’s ability to catch water from the roof.

These are some things to watch out for and what to expect from a good roofing company, but there’s much more to expect, such as cleaning up after the job. When the right roofers are found, be sure to stick with this company.

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