Jul 23, 2015

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Roofers in Downers Grove, IL Protect Homeowner’s Investments

Roofers in Downers Grove, IL Protect Homeowner’s Investments

With the significant weather events often seen in the Downers Grove area, roofing issues are quite common. Any type of shingle, but especially entry-level three-tab shingles, are subject to damage from high winds, hail and ice. After storms, homeowners frequently find pieces of shingles or other roofing material in the yard. Any time that happens, a roofing professional should be contacted quickly to evaluate the damage and recommend appropriate repairs. Of course, a Roofers in Downers Grove IL will also recommend routine inspections to stay ahead of developing roof problems.

Local construction experts like EDI Exterior Designers Inc understand what it takes to keep a roof in top condition. Routine maintenance tends to prolong a roof’s life, but at some point all roofing must be replaced. Top roofing professionals explain the options available, allowing homeowners to make educated decisions when selecting a roofing product that best meets the home’s needs. While traditional three-tab shingles are still a frequent choice, roofing professionals often recommend homeowners strongly consider newer, stronger shingle options that better protect a home in any season.

Of course, the roof is only a part of the home envelope. Siding, windows, doors and even gutters contribute to the overall home protection package. When low-maintenance siding options are selected, soffits and fascias are generally covered with the same product to free homeowners from painting chores. New entry and patio doors not only provide a way to spruce up a home’s appearance, but they also enhance a home’s energy efficiency.

The original windows in most homes were not generally selected for their quality. They were chosen to keep construction costs as low as possible. With soaring heating and cooling costs, many of those original windows should be replaced. The net results of electing to replace dated windows, especially single pane windows, are not only a reduction in heating and cooling costs but also an updated the look for a properly.

Contact a Roofer in Downers Grove IL today to explore ideas for updating an older property. A new roof, siding, or windows and doors will add significantly to the value of a home and enhance the energy-efficiency of the home at the same time. The area’s top professionals will make sure all the home’s exterior elements are up-to-date and as efficient as possible.

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