Apr 19, 2013

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Roof repair, what you need to know

Many homeowners may be a bit reluctant to take on their own roof repair in Salt Lake City, the truth is though; it is not all that difficult. The homeowner can usually save money when he takes on the simpler jobs but before starting, an assessment of the job must be made to see if it’s something that can be tackled or passed to the pros.

If your roof is not very old, the most common reasons for having to make roof repairs are storm damage or poor design. We tend to think that people who live in the hurricane belt are the only ones who may suffer wind damage to their roof, this is not so. A gust of wind during a thunder storm can easily hit 50 or 60 MPH, more than enough to lift the shingles, pull out nails and pull the adhesive loose from the wooden under-deck.

If you need roof repair in Salt Lake City as a result of improper or poor design, this is probably not a DIY project. Fixing a poorly designed roof does not fix the problem, it will keep recurring because of the built in fault. The common design problems are a structure that is not sufficient to hold up the roof, a roof that does not have the proper slope, too few drains and lack of joints which allow for the expansion and contraction that takes place. Problems such as these may take an entire roof replacement rather than a simple repair.

If the roof on your house is old, the problems will often be the result of deterioration and weathering. Over the years, roof maintenance is required, if the roof is not maintained the materials can begin to deteriorate. This deterioration allows water to enter the ceilings and leaks will begin to appear. There are certain areas of the country where the roof is exposed to unusually high levels of industrial pollutants; these roofs will deteriorate more quickly. This is also true for those people who live where thunderstorms and the accompanying hail are prevalent. Roofs which are subjected to salty air such as found ocean side will also deteriorate faster than the norm.

Regardless of what caused the need for roof repair, the job is the same. The first step is to remove the damaged shingles, once removed; the damage can be fully assessed. The deck of the roof will be covered with roofing felt, often called tar paper. If the damage is only to the shingles, they are easy to replace. If there is damage to the felt which in turn allowed the deck to become wet, the felt will have to be removed, the deck repaired and the process reversed.

If there is no evident damage to your roof, and yet the roof is leaking, it will probably be a problem associated with flashing. The flashing g is a perpetual problem area, water can get in behind it and it is difficult to identify where the leak is.

When it becomes necessary to have roof repair in Salt Lake City the ideal company to rely upon is Wesley Green Roofing. With 65 years of experience, there is nothing that the company does not know about roofs and the causes of roof leaks that demand repair.

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