Feb 19, 2015

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Right Type of Batteries for Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes offer the individual a simulated experience of smoking without the harmful effects of tobacco. The cigarettes operate using batteries Kingwood, TX vapor shops provide. In addition to batteries, flavors also referred to as liquids or e-juices can be selected for the cigarette to provide a distinctive flavor and taste throughout the smoking experience. Electronic cigarettes are an excellent alternative to traditional tobacco filled cigarettes.

Types of Batteries

When selecting the right type of battery for your electronic cigarette, it is helpful to visit a local vapor shop that offers a wide selection of different batteries. Kingwood, TX vapor shops have a variety of different battery options to select amongst including:

  • MNKE 20A 26650 IMR
  • MNKE 20A 18650 IMR
  • Efest 10.5, 30 and 60A
  • Vamped vapor cell 40A
  • 18350 IMR
  • Samsung 25R
  • MXJO 35A
  • Panasonic 3400 MAH Li

For cigarette owners who are unsure of which type of battery is best, it is helpful to consult with a representative at the vapor shop who can offer insight and assistance. They will inspect the type of electronic cigarette that you are using to determine which battery is best suited to that model.

Some Ecigs use chargers while others use variable voltage or standard voltage batteries. Whether you are in need of pen batteries or advanced mod batteries, there is a wide selection to choose from so you can enjoy extended smoking time with your brand of e-cigarette. It is simple to get the cigarettes you need at your local supplier of high quality batteries Kingwood, TX locations.

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