Feb 20, 2015

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Reviewing Auto Transport Rates – Exploring Your Options

Personal auto transport rates can vary depending on your specific transport needs. Auto shipping rates are mainly based on the distance of travel and are provided for one of a number of transport needs.

Reasons for Requesting a Quote

Customers requesting an auto transport quote do so for some of the following reasons:

  • Auto transport rates are requested by families who are making cross-country moves.
  • Auto transport rates may also be requested by the parents of college students whose child will be attending classes at a faraway school.
  • Rates are requested by “snowbirds” too who are moving to a sunnier and warmer location.
  • Corporate relocation also necessitates the need to secure affordable auto transportation services.

Determining the Service Offerings

Therefore, auto transport rates are often supplied for a one-time relocation. Online services that provide shipping rates may feature quotes by a number of companies. As a result, it is imperative that you scan all the companies that handle the personal shipping of vehicles to see what services are provided for the quoted rate.

For example, some of the companies in the auto transport business feature door-to-door shipping while others supply auto pick-up and delivery to a terminal. Therefore, if one company offers a lower quote than another company, it is in your best interest to go with the higher quote if the lower price requires having to pick up a shipped car at a terminal location.

In some cases, brokers handle the job of setting up transport. Brokers are different than transport companies as they sell a job to a transport carrier. Companies handle the pick-up and shipment of the cars themselves. As a result, auto transport companies are generally a preferred option as they can take on liability issues more easily and have better control over the delivery time.

If you contract with a transport delivery company, make sure that your vehicle is cleared of any belongings. The companies are only transporting a vehicle, not its contents. Therefore, customers should not load a vehicle with small appliances, spare auto parts or wearing apparel. Also, the gas tank should not be completely filled. It’s also important that you are on hand during delivery and pick-up to inspect the vehicle.

Customers who transport their vehicle frequently use a tow vehicle and trailer. These kinds of conveyances are generally used by car collectors or racers. Drive-away agencies drive client’s vehicles from one location to another too. However, auto transport company save customers the most money when it comes to mileage, fuel consumption and the risk of repair.

Therefore, anyone who is interested in securing auto transport services should obtain rates first to make sure they are obtaining the best service for their money. Use this approach before making any kind of buying decision online.

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