Review: Used 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan

The Grand Caravan for 2015 is properly priced and full of great features, yet its loss of refinement will keep it a touch below the Japanese competitors within the minivan class.


Affordable base price; versatile seating, as well as cargo bay configurations.


Its ride isn’t as smooth as its rivals; unrefined powertrain; limited driver legroom.

What is New for the year 2015?

The value concentrated SXT Plus and SE Plus trims have been added to the Caravan for 2015. Its “17 wheels will replace 16” ones as standard, as well as power adjustable pedals are no longer available. Come check out our Used Minivans Vineland, NJ inventory.

Every manner of vehicle, especially the ever-expanding “crossover” segment, purport to be family associated, yet if you have either lots of cargo or lots of family to frequently move from one place to another, it still is nearly impossible to beat the minivan. Plus, in most respects it is difficult to battle the originator of the category, Dodge’s every-thing-to-all-people Caravan.

Chrysler had a confusing variety of minivan versions from both its Dodge and Chrysler brands for a long time, yet purchasing one is a lot easier now that every brand’s line-up has been coupled with one model. The Grand Caravan, for Dodge, is essentially a culmination of all things most minivan users over time proved was most critical in a hauler for families: an abundance of engine power that is combined with decent fuel economy, as well as Chrysler’s brilliant Stow-‘n-Go immediately vanishing second row seats.

Unfortunately, what you do not get is the utmost within refinement. For most drivers merely doing the week-to-week school and grocery store runs, the Caravan’s shortcomings might not be all that noticeable. However, longer trips will likely uncover that Dodge’s people mover does not ride as compliantly as its Japanese rivals, nor are its transmission and engine as silent or smooth. There is a bit more wind and road noise, as well, even though once again, it’s more conspicuous at freeway speeds than around town. Also, Caravan’s cabin finishes are not up to the competitor’s standards in some places.

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