Dec 15, 2014

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Revelation 13 Commentary

The Beast of the Sea

The seven headed beast with ten horns and ten crowns of Revelation 13 come from the depths of the waters. This is the description that Daniel gave in his vision of the beast. It represents ten kingdoms that come into power. The ten major political nations come together as a worldwide system. Daniel’s prophesy identifies the beasts as kings that rule over the major world empires. At least one has already fallen or has been struck down and the others continue to increase in power. When these kingdoms unite, they rule the people and nations of the world. They become a single world government which becomes the object of worship. This world leader has power to speak against God for forty-two months and he does so. He draws all the people of the world to him, those that did not have their names written in the Lamb’s book of Life, and he makes war with the saints of God. The warning of the Lord comes if you lead into captivity, you will be led into captivity. If you kill by the sword, you will be killed by the sword. Thus the saints must be patient and faithful.

The Beast of the Earth

Revelation 13 continues with the rise of another beast. This time it rises from the earth. It has horns like a lamb but it speaks like a dragon. He rises to enhance the power of the existing kingdom that is ruled by the first beast. He is a deceiver, using wonders and miracles to draw the people towards the beast. This is why the Bible teaches not to follow after only signs and wonders without knowing the truth of the Word. The people are deceived into making an idol of the beast. This idol was empowered to come alive and to speak. All those who did not worship the beast or receive his mark were ordered to be killed. If they refused, they were economically destroyed. They were not able to buy or sell and it didn’t matter how much money you had. Taking the mark of the beast will obligate the people to use their financial resources and influence to increase the dominion of the beast. The beast is named by a number. The number is 666.

The Number of the Beast

The number 666 was given to the beast and is considered the number of man. There has been much speculation about the meaning of the number. It has been assigned to this beast and deemed the number of the antichrist. Most every religion has attempted to define this number and assign a living or passed man to it. Yet, all evidences given thus far have been to no avail. It is still a mystery. The end of the beast in Revelation 13, however, is not a mystery. It has been revealed, the beast will be defeated, and all nations shall bow their knee to the King of Kings.

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