Apr 16, 2015

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Retriever Medical Dental Payments Inc

Retriever Medical Dental Payments will pay your cancellation fee with your current processor! You deserve the freedom to process where you wish. And we stand by our word. Recently, a new client was charged a $1,000 term fee by their old processing company. They called their Retriever Medical Dental representative with the information and approximately 10 days later, they received a check for reimbursement. But don’t take our word for it, here it directly from the client:

“I have known Matt Pate for several years now and not only do we use retriever services in our office, I have recommended Matt and his company to several other offices.

Our processing company charged us a $1,000 term fee, and I called Matt with the information and approximately 10 days later we had a check for reimbursement!

We love the Retriever system as it integrates with our Dentrix and allows us to provide secured payment plans for our patients without the time and trouble of having to remember to run payments into our system. With Retriever, we have control over how the payment is split between providers, we have access to reports online and can email credit card receipts to patients. It is so convenient and secure!

If you have a contract with another company, it is worth going with Retriever – they will pay the term fee, they will support and train you during the transition and they are there after the sale as well. Whenever I have a question, I can call Matt and I will get an answer right away. I would not consider any other payment processing system.

When Matt says the rates are the best, they are. And the service is even better than the rates! I highly recommend Matt and his company to any office looking for a better, more convenient and secure system.

Practice Manager”

Quite simply, Retriever has your back, even if it means that we take a loss in the short-term. When you choose your processing company, go with a name that is synonymous with integrity: Retriever Medical Dental Payments Inc.

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