Restore Facial Structure One Tooth at a Time With Premium Dental Implants

Dental implants in Chicago are a sturdy, locally available option that forms a resilient, lasting foundation to anchor false teeth. Dental implants preserve overall facial structure, prevent additional bone loss and, thanks to highly durable titanium content, last for years.

Single & Multiple Teeth Implants

As their names imply, single and multiple teeth implants provide foundations to replace individual teeth or clusters of teeth. Multiple teeth implants are essentially a partial denture held in place with a clasp. All dental implants look and function like real teeth, restoring the symmetry of your smile and letting you eat a lot of the same foods you always have.

Dental implants are titanium posts inserted directly into the jawbone. They derive additional stability from the jawbone itself, which eventually grows around the posts. For jaws without sufficient bone to anchor the implant, there’s bone grafting. Grafting replaces missing bone or augments the existing bone, lending more density to better anchor implants for years of reliable use.

All-on-4, Full Arch Fixed, Full Arch Removable

All-on-4 implants rehabilitate entire smiles that have broken down for medical or lifestyle reasons. The name of the implant refers to its overall structure, which includes four titanium dental implants that support a full array of upper and lower teeth.

Unlike All-on-4, full arches are a type of denture that includes multiple dental implants interspersed with healthy teeth. Thus, full arches fixed contain a handful of implants situated around healthy, intact teeth. Fixed arches remain permanently anchored until a specialist removes them, while removable arches can be physically removed from your mouth by you as needed.

Removable arches tend to entail the replacement of all your teeth, whereas fixed arches generally do not. Both fixed and removable are “implant-supported,” meaning they sit atop dental implants and never actually come into contact with the gums.

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