Feb 25, 2014

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Restorative Treatments: The Advantages That Dental Implants Provide Over Dentures

When it comes to tooth replacement options, dental patients definitely have a choice. Though the choices available to you will likely depend on your current oral health, you may find yourself wondering what the differences are between dental implants and other restorative treatments like dentures. If you’re still undecided about how you will replace the teeth that you’ve lost, check out these four reasons why dental implants are a good choice for many people.

1. Dental implants can often be more comfortable than dentures because they operate just like natural teeth. Once the implants have been placed, many patients are not able to feel the difference and are able to enjoy the same foods as they previously could. This is beneficial because it means that you won’t have to make significant lifestyle changes as a result of your restorative treatment.

2. When any of your teeth are not present, the jawbone in that area of your mouth begins to shrink. This happens because you are not using that part of your mouth as you eat on a daily basis. The shrinkage not only has the potential to affect your appearance, but it can be the culprit of many other dental problems. Though dentures can offer some help with these issues, dental implants do a great job of preventing bone loss because they attach directly to the bone.

3. One of the downsides of getting dentures is that you won’t be able to keep any of your teeth – including the healthy ones. Dental implants do not require patients to have all of their teeth removed or ground down since the procedure involves getting rid of only the teeth that have experienced significant decay so that the natural-looking implant can be properly set.

4. Dental Implants Scottsdale AZ offer a great sense of security. Dentures are sometimes prone to movement and may occasionally slip out of place due to not fitting properly. Fortunately, implants have a solid anchor so that you won’t have to experience these issues and can feel better when you eat and speak.

Dental implants may not be the right choice for every person, but they do offer a viable alternative for those who would rather not have dentures. If you need to have your smile restored, consider contacting Feldhake & Associates to speak with an experienced dentist about how you can give your smile a makeover and your confidence a boost.

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