Restaurant Supply Stainless Steel Fabricator in Massachusetts RI

Most restaurants can be set up and comply with safety regulations with standard new or used equipment. A stainless steel fabricator in Massachusetts RI is needed for spaces that have been converted into a restaurant kitchen, or for food truck elements like exhaust hoods, shelving, or counter-tops. Ventilation is imperative in a commercial kitchen. Small spaces, galley kitchens, or kitchens with several stations will need special designs to move hot air out of the kitchen and outside.


Stainless steel is a great material for back-splashes, work tables, cabinets, and gas fryer shields and covers. They are resistant to rust, excess moisture, and will not burn under normal circumstances. A fryer cover, for example, can be placed over a fryer station in between uses. The space can remain hot and ready for new orders but prevent any harm to employees while not in use.

Custom Pieces

The benefit of having a Stainless Steel Fabricator in Massachusetts RI available is the restaurant owners can send in design specifications, submit a sketch of what the piece must look like, or discuss needs and preferences directly with the fabricator to get design assistance. Custom pieces will suit the exact needs and fit in the space provided. Cafes, small diners, and even fancy restaurants can be located in all kinds of buildings.

A transformed factory by the river is not uncommon for the location of a family-style or fine dining establishment. The views are stunning, the breezes are refreshing, and there is plenty of space to spread out and relax. A railroad car makes a cozy and stand-alone diner that can fit in a vacant lot, the edge of a park, or be in an industrial district. Some cafes and bakeries have begun in old tool sheds, tiny storefronts, or on a screened-in front porch.

When following your dreams and opening a new cafe or restaurant, visit us for new and used restaurant equipment, hood and ventilation installation, and custom pieces made of stainless steel. Over twenty years in the business makes employees and technicians wonderful resources for recommendations, troubleshooting problems, and creating whatever is needed to get the space up to code and safe.

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