Apr 15, 2019

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Request an Air Conditioner Service Call

Request an Air Conditioner Service Call

As summer approaches in Illinois, you should call a cooling company in Palatine for an air conditioner technician. In our region, it can switch from winter to summer almost overnight, and you can go from needing a furnace to needing an air conditioner quickly. It is essential to prepare ahead of time by having a building’s air conditioner tuned-up. This service includes inspecting and cleaning the air conditioner along with changing the filter. The technician will need access to the interior and exterior portions of your home’s air conditioner, so you should plan to make it easy for the expert to see these items.

Have Parts Replaced

During the tune-up, it is possible that the cooling company’s Palatine technician will find a problem that requires a repair, and it is better to have a part replaced at your convenience rather than needing this service during a heat wave. In most cases, the technician can fix the air conditioner immediately with the parts that are on his service van. After installing the new part, the technician will turn the air conditioner on to make sure that it works correctly. He will walk through your home to determine if cool air is flowing freely through the vents.

Call Us

When your home’s air conditioner is in bad condition, a cooling company’s Palatine technician can help you choose a new model that is appropriate for your home. Choosing the proper air conditioner will ensure that your home is cool, but you also won’t need to worry about wasting electricity. It is a good idea to arrange routine maintenance for your air conditioner to keep it functioning for many years. To learn more about our air conditioner services, contact Five Star Heating & Air Inc.

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