Feb 17, 2015

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Represent your motorcycle life with a chain bracelet

Motorcycles are a way to show the world you have an adventurous side and a free spirit. But even you can’t stay on the bike 24/7, as tempting as it may be. Show people you are a biker through and through with a stunning sterling silver bracelet or other piece of high quality jewelry even when you can’t be out on the road riding your hog.

The literal bike chain link

You love cruising the highways and back roads on your bike, with the wind whipping by and hundreds of miles falling behind you. Wearing a bracelet made to look like an actual bike chain can keep a little piece of the bike life with you even when you are not enjoying the open roads. These types of designs are extremely popular with both men and women to show your love of freedom and adventure. You can find single, double and even triple link styles depending on how much of an impression you want to make on friends and family.

Maltese cross and its symbolism

The Maltese cross has numerous representations over history and has been changed in shape slightly. Some of the more common claims to the origins of the cross were the Knights of Saint John, an order whose knights were awarded the badge after risking their lives to save others from fires. Today, the cross is used heavily by men and women in the motorcycle world. It can carry different meanings for different people, but it is often recognized as a symbol of protection and a badge of honor. Wearing bracelets with the Maltese cross on it could mean you are a part of a group that helps others and protects your fellow human. Or, like some, you could simply just like the look of the cross and want to wear it for no reason other than artistic expression.

Figaro and curb links

Figaro links are an artistic type of chain using three links of the same size, and then one much larger before repeating with the three smaller chains. It’s common for adding pendants such as crosses or medallions to, and is both extremely strong and stylish. Curb chain items are made from uniquely interlocking links of sterling silver that can make a nearly solid band when laid on a table. They can come in petit and chunky styles to compliment both male and female wearers.

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