Feb 7, 2014

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Replace Your Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Manassas

Dental implant procedures have come a long way since they were first introduced to the dental world. These implants now look more natural than ever before and they are able to perform just like regular teeth. This is why more and more people are turning to dental implants in Manassa. Through these implants, your missing teeth can be replaced and your smile can look better than you ever imagined. Since it takes a surgical procedure to have implants put in, it can help to understand how the process is carried out.

How Does the Dentist Give You Dental Implants?

Now matter what reason caused you to lose your teeth or how many you are missing, dental implants in Manassa can replace them. The dentist will first make sure you are under the effect of the anesthesia. It is important you are asleep during the procedure so you do not feel any pain and do not move. This makes it safer for the dentist to perform all of the duties involved in placing the implant in your mouth. Once you are asleep, the procedure will begin with the dentist making an incision in each gum socket.

The incision provides a gateway into your gum tissue and allows for access to your jawbone. This is where the dentist will be placing your metal anchor, so he or she needs to be able to reach this area easily. The metal anchor provides the support system for your new tooth, and once it is in place, you will need to heal for a few weeks before getting the artificial tooth. The artificial tooth closes the gaps of your smile and provides you the beautiful look you have been waiting for.

They will be glad to provide you with more information and can assist you in making the choice on whether or not dental implants are for your smile. Contact them today and schedule your consultation appointment, so you can get started on improving your smile and your confidence like never be

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