Jan 18, 2013

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Repairing A Cell Phone Which Has Been Water Damaged

It is that moment which we all dread – something happening to our cell phone. We don’t ever really take time out to think about it but it is amazing just how much we have come to rely on our cell phones on order to organize virtually every aspect of our lives. How often do you meet a new person and type their number into your cell? Do you ever stop and think to commit their details to paper? Perhaps you do but is that something which you ever get around to eventually? No, me neither.

Do you rely on your phone as a type of electronic mobile secretary which is constantly telling you what to do at a certain time and where on earth you should be from day to day? Imagine if you could no longer access this feature and that your phone was damaged beyond repair. Scary isn’t it? Would you be lost without your cell?

However if you act quickly when your cell phone suffers from water damage in particular, you can save it. If you wait for any length of time, say a week or so, your phone will be far less likely to be able to be fixed than it would be if caught immediately. So it stands to reason that perhaps all of us should know some basic cell phone repair knowledge.

So how do I fix my phone?

So you have dropped tour phone down the toilet / spilled tea over it / dropped it in the pool? Stop and read the following. Also remember that these tips should also work with ipods too so you have double the protection through reading on. Avoid high repair costs by ensuring that you have all the tools necessary to succeed. If your phone is unfortunately damaged beyond repair a reputable sell phone repair company will have all the tools necessary such as a PCB stencil which will help fix the problem.

Stop that water damage

  • Remove the battery as soon as you possibly can
  • Open up the cell phone with a small screwdriver and tweezers
  • Dry out the green circuit board for a long while
  • Dry all other components carefully bearing in mind that LCDs are extremely delicate
  • Use spirit to clean the circuit board. This prevents corrosion

You might need to leave you phone out drying like this for a few days in fact in order to ensure that it is perfectly and completely free from liquid. When you are confident that it has dried fully, put the cell phone back together and try it out. It should now work with no problems. However in some cases you may need to seek professional help.

For help and advice on tools and PCB stencils, call Solder Tools today on 847-797-9250. Why not check out lots of “how to” videos and tutorials on YouTube.


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