May 20, 2015

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Repair Your Chimney When Completing Restoration Projects

Chimney repair in Brooklyn is typically not on the check list when people are taking on a restoration project. Brooklyn has literally bloomed over the last decade. Old brownstones are restored, new commerce is cropping up everywhere and it is a really nice place to live and buy property. A lot of people buy older buildings in Brooklyn because they are in bad repair which makes them less expensive. They look to roofers, plumbers and electricians to help with the restoration but their chimney is largely overlooked.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking if they are not using a wood burning fireplace than they do not have to worry about an old chimney. Of course that is a grave mistake. Chimney services are typically coupled with other very valuable services like:

* Chimney video inspections (for insurance, look for issues and to guarantee safe operation)
* Chimney relining services
* Installing new fireplaces or rehabbing an old fireplace
* Repair chimney leaks
* Boiler vent pipe repairs and replacement
* Violations removed

The right chimney repair in Brooklyn can help get your building up to code quickly. Having a professional that can come in with the right equipment and quickly address any issues is a very valuable asset in a building rehab.

Fireplace Installs

Many of the older buildings throughout Brooklyn actually have fireplaces that have been boarded up or sheet rocked over. The right chimney repair in Brooklyn service can actually come in and assess your fireplace and see if it can be rehabbed or they can install a new fireplace in its place.

You can choose a gas fireplace install or a traditional wood burning rehab/install. Chimney repair service in Brooklyn is more than just taking care of what is up on the roof.

Do it Right

The city is a stickler for building codes which include very specific codes regarding chimneys. A bad chimney can easily put your project on the back burner. The city just loves to hand out violations for bad chimneys because it is something that building owners commonly overlook and they know it. A good inspector will go right up on the roof and take a look around and put the brakes on your project until you get the chimney up to code. It is the responsible thing to do.

Offset any issues and do your rehab right by calling in a chimney repair expert to take a look at your chimney. It will save you a lot of aggravation in the long run.

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