Feb 26, 2014

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Repair Your Automatic Transmission at a Transmission Shop in Hopkins, MN

Automobiles are very complex machines with thousands of moving parts, many of which are in the automatic transmissions that keep them rolling. To help the transmission convert the engine’s horsepower and rpm into usable torque the automatic transmission system makes use of hydraulic pressures to convert the horsepower to torque. That torque is then transferred to the drive axle and then to the ground. Unfortunately, this is a very complex process that typically involves a series of internal clutches and gears along with a control mechanism to handle the pressurized hydraulic fluid.

Because the mechanical components inside the transmission uses clutches as part of the transfer process making use of a dirty fluid can cause the transmission to wear even faster than necessary. Likewise, running the transmission with a low fluid level can cause the internal parts to degrade. This degradation leaves dirt and debris inside the transmission which can further clog the system. Surprisingly, this problem is generally easy to repair with a simple process known as a transmission flush. A transmission shop in Hopkins, MN can quickly make this simple repair to your transmission then just as quickly replace the internal fluids back to optimal operating levels.

Along with simple cleaning, fluid and filter changes and transmission flushes the Transmission Shop in Hopkins, MN can also handle more intensive jobs such as transmission overhauls and replacements. Which of these two procedures you have performed often depends on the damage to the transmission itself. For example, many worn transmissions can quickly be repaired with an internal overhaul. By replacing the internal clutches, gears and seals the mechanic can have the transmission operating smoothly, usually in a couple of days or less.

However, a lot of folks prefer to simply have the transmission replaced by a factory rebuilt version. The belief is that the factory rebuilt model will always perform better and last longer than the shop rebuilt version. Of course, a great transmission mechanic with the right parts can generally do as good a job as the original factory, but they can’t always repair more seriously damaged transmissions. To ensure your transmission is operating at peak performance stop by your local Aamco Transmission shop for a quick inspection.

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