Aug 11, 2015

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Repair Or Replace An Old Roof With A Local Roofer In Milford OH

Summer is a great time to have the roof inspected by a professional roofing company. With the hail and wind storms that have passed through Ohio this season, there could be damage to the roof that isn’t visible from the ground. Hail can leave dents in the shingles and also leave granules missing from the shingle area. With the granules missing, the black petroleum base is then exposed to the elements and begins to rot. The wind can make shingles loose and allow water to leak under the shingles cause wood rot. A local roofer in Milford OH can inspect the roof for damage and give a free estimate on repairs or replacement.

The average roof lasts 15-20 years depending on whether it is properly maintained. For example, if there isn’t proper ventilation in the attic area under the roof, this makes the roof much hotter than normal. The shingles will wear out quite rapid and deteriorate. It’s important that there is proper ventilation through end vents, ridge vents or roof vents to keep the roof cooler during the summer months. Closing off ventilation in an attempt to save energy during the winter can create dry rot and severe moisture problems in a home. It also does not benefit keeping heat in a home during the winter months.

Roofs should be checked during the summer months by a Local Roofer in Milford OH before the snow arrives. The weight of ice and snow on a roof can collapse it during the winter leaving the home vulnerable to severe damage. Home owner’s insurance policies usually cover the cost of repair or replacing a roof if it has been damaged from the elements. If a roof collapses during the winter months, the work becomes more difficult. Trying to protect the contents of the home from further damage with a tarp becomes difficult due to the wind and the cold weather.

Don’t let winter creep up without having the roof examines by a professional roofing company. A proper roof will help to keep energy costs in check as well as protect the inside of the home from water damage during the rain or snow. For more information on roof repair or replacement, click here.

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