May 8, 2015

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Rent Equipment to Try Out the New Paddle Board Craze in Charleston!

Rent Equipment to Try Out the New Paddle Board Craze in Charleston!

If you want to try out the new paddle board craze but do not want to commit to buying the equipment, it does not mean you cannot try it out. There are shops that offer paddle board rentals in Charleston SC. Renting equipment is a great way to give you a taste of how much fun stand up paddle boarding can actually be. Many of the places that rent equipment offer guided tours with professional instructors as well, so that you can learn tips about SUP and gain confidence to be able to do it with ease. You can have the rental equipment delivered right to wherever you are staying in Charleston. The prices are reasonable and the experience of paddle boarding will be exciting, fun, and unforgettable.

Average Rental Packages and Costs for the Charleston Area

Packages and costs will vary from one provider to another. However, all SUP rental packages include everything you need to have a great time. The complete rental package includes:

•  A Board That is Right for Your Size
•  A Paddle to Fit Your Height
•  A Personal Flotation Device

On average, the cost to rent SUP equipment is 1 day at $50, 2 days for $90, 3 days for $120, and a week for $200. These reasonable fees include free delivery to anywhere in Charleston, SC, in most cases. If you are interested in standup paddle boarding, and you want an easy way to get the equipment, renting is the way to go. Most companies allow you to rent the equipment online, so the process is as easy as 1-2-3.

Why Renting SUP Equipment is a Great Option

If you are visiting Charleston on vacation, it may not be practical to lug your own board and gear with you, especially if you are flying in. Rental equipment is far easier to deal with than dragging around your own equipment. Paddle board rentals are also convenient if you are driving into Charleston and don’t have a lot of space in your car for extra baggage and equipment. Rental equipment is easy to obtain and much cheaper in price than buying equipment if you just want to give it a go to test the waters to see if you like paddle boarding.

Charleston Paddle Board Company is a leading provider of SUP tours, equipment, and paddle board rentals in Charleston, SC, and the surrounding areas. Go to their website to sign up for a tour or to obtain additional information.


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