May 8, 2015

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Remodeling To Include Contemporary Fireplaces

Remodeling To Include Contemporary Fireplaces

While fireplaces may be the original source of indoor heating, they don’t have to be traditional or boring. New styles of contemporary fireplaces, or modern fireplaces, are designed to help to save the cost of home heating, add to your interior décor and style, and even be very friendly to the environment.

For many home upgrades and renovations changing out a traditional style or dated style of fireplace to one of the more contemporary fireplaces is an important part of the renovation. Looking around and discovering new styles and ideas online before making a decision will open up a whole new range of possibilities.

New Designs and Shapes

Traditional, or perhaps classic is a better term, styles of fireplaces tended to be wall mounted and wood burning. New styles and designs which use gas as the fuel source have a great option in shapes, styles and designs. Long and narrow, stand-alone and even with a remote control to set the flame and fan they can create a gentle and soft light or they can be an additional source of heat.

When considering gas contemporary fireplaces you can often choose from a log set, which makes the flames appear to be coming from a wood source, or a rock set that has a very unique and modern look. The flames rise from the rocks, giving a clean, linear look to the bed of the fireplace.

Clean, Minimalist Lines

Arched glass and arched shapes in wall mounted fireplaces tend to be traditional while crisp, clean and simple lines in squares and rectangles are more suited to contemporary fireplaces. The glass can follow the lines of the fireplace to add to the shape and also to match the shape of wall-mounted LED TV screens, the fireplace mantle, and even doors and windows within the room.

Of course, contemporary fireplaces can also include traditional shapes, such as the more Mediterranean or Spanish designs combined with the rock set to create a unique mixture of classic and modern. If you are choosing a room with an arched window or more circular lines and styles consider an arched fireplace with beautiful lines to accentuate the flow of the room.

Upgrading your existing old style of fireplace to one of the many options in contemporary fireplaces is well worth considering. This can change the look of a room or an entire home and add to the décor, style and theme you wish to develop.

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