Jan 10, 2014

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Remember your Departed Pet in Style, Try Wood Pet Urns

Pets come into our lives and provide a unique form of companionship. A pet, in its own silent way, will comfort and make you feel relaxed. Dogs are particularly loyal and most people keep them. Cats can be very entertaining. They also bring feelings of calm especially when you are going through rough times. Sadly, a time comes when your pet dies. As a way of honoring your friend, you may opt to have it cremated. If you are wondering how best to preserve its ashes, wood pet urns can easily solve this problem.

A popular variety of urns are those made specifically for dogs’ ashes. You can have a customized design that bears the image of your late dog’s breed. An alternative way would be to go for wood pet urns with paw prints on one or all sides. These would be ideal for a mixed breed dog. Cat crematorium urns are also diverse in terms of shape, size and design. Cats love playing with yarns. An urn bearing a similar shape would be a superb way to remember your favorite pet. There are numerous soft colors for cat urns.

Other than dogs and cats, which are the most common pets, there are also wood pet urns for other pet species. A box shaped container or a traditional urn will do just fine. An alternative way would be to have the photo of your pet fitted into a frame. The same can then be attached to the urn. Bamboo and other wood types make aesthetic urn pieces. Bamboo can last very long. You want the memories of you departed pet to remain with you for as long as is possible. Together with other family members, you are the only people who know what the pet meant to the family.

Identify a theme and find a design and shape that goes with it. Wood pet urns are elegantly designed. Here’s how you get to find a suitable urn:

* Identify the size: Pet urns are usually sized in proportion to the weight of the animal. Determine your pet’s weight. If you intend to share the remains with other family members, you can buy a smaller urn.
* Define the type: You will find a range of wood pet urns for cats, dogs and other pets. Choose the type that gives your pet best honors.
With these features, you cannot fail to get a wooden urn at a good price.

Wood pet urns will save you the cost of interment. Check out the options available at website. Their urns are made from quality wood, handcrafted, unique and affordable.

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