Jan 7, 2014

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Relocating? Hire a Moving Service in Tulsa

Moving a household a short distance within the same city can be as arduous and confusing as moving it across the country. There are often tight deadlines that have to be met that make it more stressful. Hiring a locally-owned Moving Service in Tulsa is one way to ensure the move happens on schedule. When customers deal with a company that is owned by veterans who live in Tulsa, they ensure that they will receive the best service possible. All of the employees who will be packing and moving their belongings have passed an intensive training program.

Project managers from NAL Movers will meet with customers to determine the best way to handle the move. Some people want the movers to pack everything, move it and then unpack all of the boxes. While this is definitely the fastest and safest method for moving household belongings, not everyone has the budget for it. Customers may decide that they want to pack some of the smaller items such as clothing. This will decrease their moving costs. Moving company employees can show the customer the best way to accomplish their packing. They have high-quality boxes and packing materials for sale at a reasonable price. There is nothing more frustrating than having a box of clean clothing fall open on the sidewalk because cheap tape was used to secure a flimsy box. Professional movers are the best choice to pack fragile glassware or expensive art pieces. They will also know how to protect a large sofa or expensive piano.

Customers may be moving into a smaller home or apartment and can’t fit all of their belongings in it. The Moving Service in Tulsa has partnered with reputable storage facilities in the area. They can seamlessly pack up and sort the items to be transported to the new residence and those to be moved into storage. All of the boxes will be clearly labeled so the customers will be able to find easily find items in a storage locker. Moving options available from NAL Movers are outlined on their website domain. People interested in hiring them can even request a quote online.

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