Jun 28, 2013

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Reliable Destin FL Area Dentists That Do Quality Work On Retainers And Braces

Orthodontics is the primary specialty of dentistry focused on the treatment of malocclusion. In layman’s terms, crooked teeth and misaligned bites. This is actually a rather common occurrence and is easily treatable. There are numerous causes of malocclusion such as lost or missing teeth, extra teeth, abnormally shaped teeth and over or under eruption of the teeth. Other possibilities are facial or jawbone injuries, thumb sucking or extended pacifier usage in toddlers. While most orthodontists practice the more common treatments required in tooth alignment there are some who specialize in facial reconstruction including reshaping the jawbones as the case may require.

It is often considered best to treat malocclusion at the earliest age possible. It is thought to give more lasting results and reduce the time required for wearing Retainers Destin FL. Most orthodontists consider seven years of age to be the most optimal time to begin testing and treating children for malocclusion. At this point young children should have their first adult molars allowing the orthodontist to evaluate the relationship of the teeth.

The treatment required will often depend on the severity of the malocclusion and amount of tooth displacement. Mild cases can often be treated with Retainers Destin FL. This is good news for many people because people are often very self conscious of their smile, especially when wearing braces or retainers. To help people deal with this perceived image, more modern materials such as clear plastic and ceramic are often used in lieu of the metal devices most people recall from their early childhood.

Quality treatment centers like Stubbs Orthodontics, recommends that anyone who feels their bite is incorrect or their teeth are misaligned should visit an orthodontist for an evaluation. It is never too late to improve your smile and you may be surprised at how a better smile can improve your life. When you greet people with a truly happy grin they can tell and when you feel ashamed of your smile that shows as well. People often misinterpret an embarrassing smile. They may think that person is hiding something or is not trustworthy. Even worse, they may feel that person is simply unfriendly and will look for ways to avoid them.

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