Oct 23, 2018

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Release Coatings and the Benefits for Industrial Applications

Release Coatings and the Benefits for Industrial Applications

There are excellent options available when it comes to products referred to as release coatings. Various coatings that fall under this category include fluoropolymer powder coating, fluoropolymer coating, fluoropolymer PTFE coating, and fluoropolymer FEP coating.

Maintaining and Improving Machine Operations
Certain combinations of fluoropolymers as well as other chemistries can comprise what is referred to as a release coating. This type of coating is used in various applications, such as those involving machinery parts, for performance enhancement without the need to apply lubricants that can attract unwanted dirt.

Machines are able to operate with consistent and reliable efficiency even after they have been out of use for an extended period of time when these coatings are applied. When the application of standard lubricants is not a feasible option, these coatings and their application can achieve design versatility. In addition, they reduce the coefficient of friction and level of noise produced in many cases.

quickly curing release coatings that coat easily when applied to various substrates are highly beneficial for multiple applications.

Fluoropolymer coatings provide strong durability and protection. There also highly versatile and useful in a number of different manufacturing industrial applications.

Fluoropolymer coatings exceed the capabilities of Teflon when it comes to toughness characteristics. Fluoropolymer coating offers a cost-effective solution when utilized in industries such as national security, communications, automotive, and electronics.

Heat Resistance
The heat resistance characteristics of fluoropolymer coatings are excellent. These coatings are used to shield the electrical wires against highly elevated temperatures – even to the point of 500°F.

Food Preparation
The food preparation industry makes extensive use of fluoropolymer coatings. These coatings produced the essential nonstick characteristics that are so useful and beneficial in cooking items, which makes for much easier cleanup process in the aftermath of cooking.

The operational efficiency of your business and the protection of your machinery, equipment, and parts, can be significantly enhanced through the application of fluoropolymer or release coatings as required. Powerful benefits include increased service life and cost savings over the long run.

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits offered by release coating products, contact an experienced industrial coatings provider today for more information.

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